Foot Veins


The British Varicose Vein Centre specialises in the treatment of veins on the feet using new laser technology.


Foot veins often start as healthy veins.  With time, however, these feet veins can also become varicose veins if a one-way vein valve starts to leak.  It is therefore important to examine all the veins in the leg and feet with an ultrasound machine to determine what is causing these veins to swell.


The veins on the feet can in some patients become very painful, unsightly, swollen and tender.  Based on these symptoms many patients ask for foot  vein treatment and foot vein removal.


The treatment of foot veins is bespoke to the individual.  It is dependent on the cause of the foot veins.  The foot  veins treated by our experts at the British Varicose Vein Centre uses various methods.  The most common method utilises endovenous laser techniques to the foot veins and the leg veins.   Sometimes local ambulatory phlebectomy to the veins on the feet is also used.  All these procedures are all performed in the out-patient setting under local anaesthetic. Admission to hospital is not necessary.  There are no scars.


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